Shift Stir Method

TMC Shift Stirrer Method (SSM)

What: A method to find relief for navigating and transforming negative emotion. The by-product is connection.

How: The Shift Stirrer Method (SSM) is designed to transform negative emotions (aka ”stir stories”) into more positive and empowering ones, while deepening your connections with yourself, your own humanity and other people. It’s a simple yet powerful approach allowing you to view your personal experiences - your “stir stories” - as gifts and invitations for personal expansion.

Why: Tinamarie defines success by showing up to do any of the work. Each of the steps in SSM on their own have transformative powers. Collectively, this method is a strong, effective tool for self-healing and personal shifts.

TMC Shift Stirrer Method (SSM) Breakdown

  • Stir: Recognize there is a stir inside of you and build self awareness around it. Be in touch with yourself. Identify what you are feeling and assign words to it (angry, irritated, anxious, shame, annoyed, impatient, sensitive, defensive, etc.).
  • Sit: Sit with what you are feeling and what is coming up for you. Create space to just be. Give yourself time, do nothing. Become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. There is magic in the sit.
  • Sift: Sift through what’s really going on in your mind and body, and what thoughts you are having around what happened. Bring the productive thoughts forward. Let go of the negative energy. This when you take full ownership of the distortions you brought to the stir story.
  • Share: Share your stir and sift story through honest story telling. What was revealed in the sift? Open minds through your vulnerability.
  • Shift: Establish authentic connection, when you share your truth you open up the portal for shifts. Take inventory of what you learned in this process. Memorialize the steps you took to get here. Celebrate what you did and acknowledge the work that went into it.